Renovating bedrooms: what should you watch out for when renovating?

The wallpaper on the wall is torn off, the bed is causing back pain and the rest of the furniture is already looking worn out? Then everything is clear: your bedroom needs renovation.  Here you spend most of the time at home, so the room should have a calming effect and offer optimal comfort. If you want to renovate your own bedroom and give it a new look, there are a few important steps to consider. Below are some useful tips and some great ideas for bedroom renovation.
Renovate bedrooms and create your own oasis of peace

You have already decided to renovate or modernize your bedroom , but you are not sure where to start? Depending on the current condition, you can either completely or only partially renovate the room. In a complete renovation, the walls are repainted, the floor is relocated or repaired, and new furniture is purchased. If the bedroom is partially renovated, it is rather a new piece of furniture or some cosmetic repairs that should freshen up the room.

Floor and wall design in the bedroom

Usually the walls get a new coat of paint even with the smallest renovation. It brings a breath of fresh air into the room and lets it shine in new splendor. Choosing the right color plays a big role here. The wall color should calm you down and create a cozy atmosphere in the room. Subtle and warm colors are perfect for the bedroom and can be combined well with natural materials such as wood or natural stone. Strong color contrasts are to be avoided, however, because they hinder the night’s sleep.

In contrast to the wall paint, the floor covering is only rarely changed, even with complete renovations. Laying a new floor is usually very expensive and many homeowners do without it when it is not absolutely necessary. Anyone who has nevertheless decided on a new floor in the bedroom is making the right choice with parquet or laminate. Wood or its look radiates warmth and cosiness and is perfect for rooms such as the bedroom. Another suitable option is the cork floor, which has an insulating effect and feels very comfortable on the feet.

The right furniture for the bedroom

The bedroom furniture should not only look beautiful, but also be practical and comfortable. And the most important piece of furniture in the sleeping area is without a doubt the bed. If you want to renovate the whole bedroom, you should of course also change the bed and mattress.

When choosing your new bed, size, comfort and, of course, design all play an important role. We recommend entire bed systems that consist of a flexible base and a matching top mattress. The exclusive beds from Schramm, for example, have a high-quality two-mattress system that supports every part of the body. They are also characterized by a modern design and thus offer a great solution for the newly renovated bedroom.

Once you’ve chosen the bed for the bedroom, half the work is done. Because the furnishings in the bedroom should be kept simple. A practical addition to the bed is a bedside table, which may have one or two drawers for storage. A night lamp also belongs on it, of course. With a room size of 16 square meters or more, a wardrobe in the room is also okay.

Open clothes rails, piles of laundry, ironing boards and fitness equipment just don’t belong in the bedroom. If you redesign this room, try to clear away whatever is superfluous and find another place for it. As far as the small workplace in the corner is concerned, it would be advisable to move it to the living room, for example. The bedroom should be designed as a place of rest and relaxation and not be a reminder of everyday stress. Anyone who longs for a healthy and restful sleep should also banish the technical devices in the bedroom.

Renovating bedrooms and setting accents

The furnishings in the bedroom can be simple, but by no means boring. A few decorative elements here and there are perfectly fine and give the room that certain something. Textiles, for example, can be used to set color accents in the room that create a cozy atmosphere. One or two indoor plants, on the other hand, give the room a natural feel and can improve the air quality and thus the indoor climate.

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