Design modern bathrooms with luxurious bathtubs

Do you want a real highlight in the bathroom? What do you think of modern and luxurious bathtubs or washbasins that provide wow moments? The Badeloft GmbH in Berlin since 2011. Customer support throughout Germany with designs that inspire. With their many years of experience in bathroom design, they are the right people to contact if you want a change in your bathroom. They know the industry in Europe and outside of Europe, are the first to know about the latest trends and can give you competent advice on all of your wishes. Design your modern bathroom – we’ll show you how the professionals can help you:

modern bathrooms

High-quality bathtubs made of mineral casting

The bathroom design experts rely on bathtubs and washbasins made of high-quality mineral casting. Your dream bathroom can be planned from scratch – based on your ideas. The product range of the Berlin bathroom experts offers architects and interior designers in particular, who are at your side with advice on bathroom design, a wide range of options to ensure a transformation. The focus is always on quality and aesthetics at excellent prices.

Take a look at different models in Munich, Cologne or Frankfurt

Outside of Berlin, Badeloft GmbH also has showrooms in Munich, Cologne, and Frankfurt. And you can also experience the models up close in Austria. This is particularly important about the material. Because here you should also test the feel before you decide to buy a bathtub. If you are unable to visit a showroom, you will receive free mineral cast samples (matt or glossy) or wood samples (natural oak / dark oak) on request. Besides, you can tackle bathroom planning and design based on templates in original size – in this way you get a good overview of the positioning of your new bathtub or new washbasin in your own four walls.

Modern designed bathroom

You have probably also noticed the trend: In recent years, the design of modern bathrooms has moved more and more in the direction of spacious rooms – as in the picture above. The bathroom is becoming an increasingly important place that invites you to wellness moments in everyday life and becomes an oasis of retreat. So that nothing stands in the way of well-being in this room, you should rely on high-quality bathtubs and washbasins that you will enjoy for a long time. Set accents, for example, with a freestanding designer bathtub made of the mineral cast – with this highlight you can transform your bathroom into a real bath loft that exudes style and modern elegance.

Noble design optics in your bathroom

In addition to the free-standing bathtubs, there are also mineral cast basins available, which are not only practical but also look great. The range includes round and square shapes that can be selected to match the free-standing bathtub.

High-quality fittings

Another detail that makes a big difference in your modern bathroom: the fittings! Pay particular attention to the quality, stainless steel fittings, for example, are recommended, which provide extra shine in the room. Faucets at Badeloft have a two-year guarantee, while the bathroom professionals grant an international guarantee of 10 years on cast mineral and marble products.

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